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The Porsche Lehigh Valley Team

Daniel J. Piazza | Dealer Principal

Andrew Wright | General Manager

Jim Sangiorgo

Jim Sangiorgo | Brand Ambassador Sales Manager

      Jim has been with Knopf going on 30 years. He started in the Service Department, and with help of his service team rose to national status in Customer Satisfaction.

In 1997 he decided to try sales and hasn't looked back since. He especially
enjoys helping his clients build that perfect dream car Porsche.
      Jim is also our liaison to the Porsche Club since 2004 and has established a
great relationship with Riesentotor, the local chapter of the Porsche Club.

      He purchased his first Porsche, a 1997 Boxster and has owned a few others.
He took his passion for Porsche to the local race tracks and became a national
PCA Instructor where he helps other Porsche lovers learn how to drive quickly
but most importantly, safely.
      Jim has been married to his college sweetheart Maureen for over 30 years. They
share their love of Italian food, doing Brittany Transport and their newest fur
kid, Comet. Another hobby they share is guns, and Maureen recently became an
NRA Instructor in pistol and riffle.

Phone: 610.439.1555 Ext. 1440 • Email:

John Buckner

John Buckner | Pre-Owned Manager

John has been with Porsche Lehigh Valley since 2000.

Phone: 610.439.1555 Ext. 1200 • Email:

Brian Amill

Brian Amill | Director of Finance

Brian has been in the Automotive industry since 1995. He is serving Porsche Lehigh Valley customers since 2015.

Phone: 610.967.0823 Ext. 1230 • Email:

Keith Weaver

Keith Weaver | Brand Ambassador Porsche Sales

Keith is a Certified Porsche Sales Consultant since1999, Brand Ambassador since 2015.



Phone: 610.439.1555 Ext. 1190 • Email:

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas | Brand Ambassador Porsche Sales

Dave has been in the automotvie field since 1993 and with Porsche Lehigh valley since 2000. 

Phone: 610.439.1555 Ext. 1090 • Email:

John Evans

John Evans | Sales

John has been with Porsche Lehigh Valley since 2008. He is an avid Golfer. Outside of work,
you can find John at the range beating balls because repetition is the mother
of all success.

Phone: 610.439.1555 Ext. 1570 • Email:

John Eckert

John Eckert | Sales

John Eckert has been in the automobile industry since 1980 and with Lehigh Valley Porsche since 1993.

He enjoys riding his Harley,golf and hunting.

Phone: 610.439.1555 Ext. 1220 • Email:

Samuels Karen

Samuels Karen | Business Development MGR-Sales

Karen has been working here at Porsche Lehigh Valley since January of 2017.

Phone: 610.967.0939 • Email:

John Lehr

John Lehr | Service Consultant

John Lehr has been in the Automobile business since 1995 and is with Porsche Lehigh Valley since 2011.

Phone: 610.439.1555 Ext. 1280 • Email: